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Regulation D/Form D Information

What is Regulation D (Reg D)? (from Investopedia)

Regulation D (Reg D) is a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulation governing private placement exemptions. Reg D offerings are advantageous to private companies or entrepreneurs that meet the requirements because funding can be faster to obtain and less costly than with a public offering. Usually used by smaller companies, the regulation allows capital to be raised through the sale of equity or debt securities without the need to register those securities with the SEC. However, many other regulatory requirements, both state and federal, still apply.

Instructions for Filling Out a Form D

Detailed instructions for filling out a Form D; when to file a Form D; and, when to file and not file an amendment;

Form D State Filings

The NASAA Electronic Filing Depository allows filers and issuers the ability to quickly submit filing notices, fees, and forms to States, U.S. Territories and Jurisdictions.

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